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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Oxford vs Cambridge? I’ve modified My read

Oxford vs Cambridge? I’ve modified My read

I relish having robust opinions once it involves exhausting itinerary choices and rating varied European destinations. and that i relish reassessing. Twenty years past I visited Oxford and Cambridge and got it lodged in my mind that Cambridge was far better to go to than Oxford. Since then, in my lectures, I’ve created the purpose that, “If you've got but a month to tour Great Britain, don’t do each nice university cities. Do one or the opposite and lay aside time for one thing entirely totally different (like North Wales or the Cumbrian Lake District). And…Cambridge is healthier than Oxford.” I’ve spent the last 3 days enjoying each cities and examination every — and that i have to be compelled to modification my assessment. Here’s however I wrote it up for consecutive edition of my European nation guidebook:

England is home to 2 world-renowned universities: Oxford and Cambridge. Seeing one is enough. and therefore the massive question for several is that one? Cambridge is simpler and a lot of charming — with its beautiful gardens on the Cam. Oxford is a lot of substantial with tons a lot of to visualize and do. If you’re selecting between them, think about this: Cambridge sounds like a lazy, easygoing little town; Oxford has a lot of urban energy and a lot of stately buildings than its rival. Cambridge isn't extremely on the thanks to anyplace (and weak in hotels), creating it higher as a side-trip from London than as a stopover. Oxford will keep you busy looking at for a extended time and has lots of smart hotels — thus it’s value a extended stop. each square measure convenient to London (with associate degree hour’s train ride). And Oxford is in a very rather more fascinating neighborhood because it sits close to the Cotswolds, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick, and Blenheim Palace. If you can’t opt for, do each (there’s an excellent bus connection).

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge every incorporates several venerable faculties wet through city. And most have a fine central yard (called a “court” in Cambridge and a “quad” in Oxford). this can be a very lovely quad at Oxford’s sinner school.

Oxford associate degreed Cambridge every use the “collegiate system” wherever the universities square measure mixed throughout the town; there’s no sense of an intact field like you’d expect at several yankee universities. to elucidate the fascinating mixture of city and robe, every city’s traveller board offers fine target-hunting tours (2 hours, £10).

If you haven’t scan lots of novels, visiting Oxford and Cambridge is frustrating. every town is explosive with literary references and treats its town authors like pop stars — like C.S. Lewis, E.M. Forster, Charles Dodgson, or J.R.R. Tolkien. If you haven’t scan their stuff, you won’t feel lots of the thrill. each school cities have conjointly been featured in hit movies. This eating hall at Oxford’s Christ Church school could be a large hit with “Harry Potter” fans since it absolutely was the inspiration for Hogwarts’ hall within the films.


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