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Friday, 10 February 2017

How to get into university of Wisconsin Madison

How to get into university of Wisconsin Madison

Interested in UW Madison admissions?

I board the shadow of  the University of Wisconsin-Madison. More than 1/2 the scholars I work with embrace UW-Madison jointly of their top-choice faculties to pursue, even without prompting from American state. I have a graduate degree from this fine institution. So I will relate to wanting to be a UW Badger.
This is the primary in a very two-part blog post regarding UW Madison admissions. Today, we’ll focus on the pros and cons of UW-Madison as a university, and I’ll help you perceive what a number of the metrics mean so you'll a lot of effectively assess UW-Madison similarly as different faculties as you’re creating school coming up with choices.
Later in the week, I’ll zero in on how you will get a lot of for your UW tuition greenbacks, and how you'll be a better school client whether or not you’re following UW Madison admissions, or admission to another fine institution.
Why Students Pursue UW Madison Admissions

 University of Wisconsin-Madison
The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin System. It’s a gorgeous field spanning quite 900 acres between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. Wisconsin boasts a chapter of Phi Beta letter and often ranks among the highest ten public universities within the country. As the state’s primary research establishment, UW-Madison is known and revered for analysis. The Wisconsin Badgers compete in the NCAA’s Division 1-A as a member of the large 10 Conference.
When following UW Madison Admissions, check the facts.

Freshman acceptance rates for fall 2013 were 51%, this is down 3.55 share points from the previous year
There are forty two,820 total students, of which nearly thirty,000 are undergraduates
Students come from all fifty states and a lot of than a hundred thirty countries

The middle 50% of ACT scores area unit twenty six to thirty for composite scores

Rankings and accolades:

UW-Madison is consistently stratified among the finest public universities by US News & World Report, and was recently tabbed as the 7th best worth among public faculties within the u.  s. by Kiplinger’s. On the lighter side, Madison makes several lists as a “top party school”, a dubious honor that the administration is working to counter.
As a public institution University of Wisconsin Madison adheres to a “low tuition, low aid” model, meaning that you won’t see the enthusiastically sticker value of a prestigious personal university, but you conjointly might not qualify for abundant aid, especially on the benefit aspect or what folks usually refer to as scholarships. The estimated value of attending in 2013-14 for one year for Associate in Nursing in-state student is $24,221, while the out-of-state figure is $41,107. Approximately 2/3 of coming into freshmen receive some kind of aid, with a majority of that coming as loans. In 2011 the average student indebtedness was $24,700, about $1000 less than the national average.


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