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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why I selected laptop Engineering at University of Waterloo

Why I selected laptop Engineering at University of Waterloo

As faculty at the University of Waterloo formally started this past week, i assumed it would be an incredible chance to speak concerning my reasons for selecting each my program and my faculty.

Why I selected laptop Engineering
University of Waterloo

For me, picking what university program I needed to pursue fell between laptop Engineering (CE) and computing (CS) from the start. Initially, i used to be solely positive that I needed to figure with code, and that i did not very grasp what the excellence between the 2 programs was. when doing somewhat analysis, I discovered many key variations between the 2 fields:

CS focuses additional on understanding theory, whereas Ce focuses additional on applying data to create things

CS involves writing programs for computers, whereas Ce involves integration code and hardware parts of laptop systems
CS students take principally solely mathematics and programming courses, whereas Ce students additionally take physics and circuits (and even chemistry throughout 1st year)
Computer Engineering and computing area unit terribly similar fields, and result in similar careers. In terms of university program although, they vary in work (CE incorporates a heavier workload) and elective choices (CS students select elective in 1st year, whereas Ce students solely get electives beginning second year). In the end, I selected Ce as a result of I felt that it'd provide ME a much better all-round understanding of computers and technology. metallic element focuses on code, that in my opinion, needs lots of initiative to progress in cryptography skills and work on personal comes. Thus, i assumed that by taking laptop Engineering, I may learn additional concerning programming myself whereas additionally gaining a much better understanding concerning hardware, that I've had nominal exposure to. most significantly, I felt that engineering was the proper alternative as a result of I fancy active application to form relevant and innovative comes victimisation what i do know, which is essentially what engineering is concerning.

Why I selected Waterloo

One of the most options of Engineering at the University of Waterloo is its Co-operative Education (Co-op) Program, within which students work on internships throughout their years at university. whereas several alternative universities across Canada supply similar work experiences, the University of Waterloo is exclusive in this students begin co-op throughout their 1st year. This has its perks and disadvantages, supported personal opinion. the largest advantage is that students graduate with 2 years of labor expertise, and work expertise is commonly regarded rather more considerably by employers than education. However, students haven't got lots of expertise after they begin applying for jobs; thus, they'll not notice the foremost relevant jobs to their field.

All factors thought-about, co-op was the most reason I terminated up selecting Waterloo. I feel that having the ability to achieve work expertise would be rather more advantageous, notably in higher years. what is more, having the ability to figure with a spread totally different|of various} employers throughout every co-op term means i'll gain lots of insight into what different positions and what it's prefer to really add them; this can be terribly useful in deciding what specifically i need to try and do among laptop Engineering by the time I graduate.

In the end, laptop Engineering at Waterloo was the proper alternative on behalf of me as a result of it work the foremost with what i used to be yearning for during a university education. University Waterloo is one amongst the foremost innovative universities in Canada, and that i am wanting forward to exploring the innovation of laptop Engineering through not solely the program itself, however where my future degree can take ME.


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